The differences between Canadian, American, and British bacon


Funny thing; in Canada, we don’t eat ‘Canadian bacon’ as much as either American-style bacon (‘side bacon’) or Canadian ‘back bacon’ (also called ‘peameal bacon’), which is Canadian bacon with an edge of fat, covered in peameal (or cornmeal) – but we do eat it in McD’s ‘Egg McMuffins’.

Infographic from The English Breakfast Society.

7 thoughts on “The differences between Canadian, American, and British bacon

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  2. I lived in Canada most of my 56 years and I never heard of Canadian Bacon until I moved to the U.S. Its ham! We had bacon and eggs and the bacon was the same strips as what the U.S. calls bacon. I had a Hawaiin pizza and it had Canadian Bacon ( Ham) and pineapple. Who came up with this name? Ham is ham and bacon is bacon either side of the border!

    • Your pizza shop must have been ignorant of typical American usage, since Canadian bacon does have a specific meaning Stateside, for back bacon without the fat trim and cornmeal around the edge. It’s close to ham, but not quite.

      McDonald’s here in Canada has switched from using Canadian bacon in their Egg McMuffins to using ham, I noticed recently. Which I don’t mind, but I’d prefer Canadian bacon, as they used to use.

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