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Beer and ice cream, together again!

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Wait; what?

Beer ice cream. Yes, you read that correctly. Artisanal Canberra ice-cream maestros Frugii were serving a range of beery ice creams, including lager sorbetto and Bridge Road Chestnut Pilsner gelato. I chose the one made with 2 Brothers Voodoo Baltic Porter, and my goodness but it was a revelation. The richness and chocolaty tones of the porter translated so perfectly into the ice cream medium. There was a little fillip of hoppy sourness that peeked through and even a suggestion of carbonation, although that may have been my mind at work. It isn’t often that I’m truly thrilled and surprised at a food product anymore, but this won me over from the first taste. Well done Frugii.


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Beer Day Out

EP visits an Aussie international beer festival, rates various brews. Despite various disappointments, sounds like overall an enjoyable experience; I’d certainly have enjoyed it, from the sounds of things.

I wish I could try more Aussie craft beers; not many are available here; Cooper’s Sparkling Ale, occasionally, is about it, AFAIK.

The only decent African beer I’ve ever had is S.A.’s Castle Lager; I too am not a fan of Tusker, nor was I knocked out by Namibia’s Windhoek lager.

Uncouth Reflections

Eddie Pensier writes:


If you were imagining an ideal way to spend a warm spring Saturday, it might involve dozens of beers and tasty ethnic nibbles. Such was the case at Beer Day Out, a festival of craft beers sponsored by topnotch local booze merchant Plonk, from whence a high proportion of Pensier family beverages are purchased.

The venue was the Former Transport Depot, the location of Canberra’s beloved Old Bus Depot Markets. About forty different breweries and ten food merchants were represented, and when we arrived shortly after the noon opening time the depot was already nicely populated with beer fans, some of them involved in a cutthroat game of competitive Jenga. Here were some of the highlights.

Cavalier Beer Imperial Stout: A hoppy stout with a super-pleasing aroma of ground coffee. It was rich without being heavy, and lingered lusciously on the palate long after swallowing.

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Wet Hop Beer: The Real Seasonal Brew You Should Be Drinking This Fall

Would love to try some…

Many IPAs are made with hops that are dried and pelletized, while wet-hopped beers are added within hours of picking, still wet and fresh from the field—presenting an interesting dilemma for brewers located further than a day from the farm. Turns out, the hassle is worth it.


Often, the hop cones are picked and dried, then put into a kiln and turned into little pellets. As Bon Appetit explains in this great post, pelletized hops taste very different than their fresh-picked counterparts, just like dry herbs taste different than fresh ones.