‘F— THIS I QUIT’: Toronto-based comedian quits job through satirical song

Funny, but hope his new bosses don’t object…

A lot of people think about quitting their job.

How about writing a song and actually singing it on the day you’re done with the company?

In a video posted to social media, Anesti Danelis, a Toronto-based musical and sketch comedian, actor, and writer, hilariously quit his job at a Starbucks in Toronto’s west-end by singing a special song for his manager.


Catchy, but he’s no Johnny Paycheck

Straightforwardness in a Belittered World

Uncouth Reflections

Fabrizio del Wrongo writes:

19th century engraving of Galapagos tortoises.

In view of the description given, may one be gay upon the Encantadas? Yes: that is, find one the gaiety, and he will be gay. And, indeed, sackcloth and ashes as they are, the isles are not perhaps unmitigated gloom. For while no spectator can deny their claims to a most solemn and superstitious consideration, no more than my firmest resolutions can decline to behold the specter-tortoise when emerging from its shadowy recess; yet even the tortoise, dark and melancholy as it is upon the back, still possesses a bright side; its calipee or breastplate being sometimes of a faint yellowish or golden tinge. Moreover, everyone knows that tortoises as well as turtles are of such a make that if you but put them on their backs you thereby expose their bright sides without the possibility of their recovering themselves, and turning into view the other…

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