Marty Stuart

Hear, hear! Marty Stuart has been around long enough to even establish credibility with the Nashville-hating ‘outlaw country’ crowd, who love him just as much as mainstream country radio does. That’s impressive; it speaks to his talent and indeed authenticity, that he can have a truly diverse* fan base. (*I of course mean ‘diverse’ in its true, original sense, i.e. to refer to different groups of people who are usually fairly different from each other in terms of how they think, what they like, etc.)

Uncouth Reflections

Paleo Retiree writes:

I’m pretty sure I’d never heard of Marty Stuart until very recently but in the last month I’ve become a huge fan.

Stuart is a country-western singer/songwriter/performer/photographer in the keeper-of-the-flame mode, and I think he’s terrific. He makes recordings, hosts a TV show, takes photos and does a generally great job of promoting traditional country-music entertainment values: soul, down-home unpretentiousness, courtliness ‘n’ congeniality. Though all the elements and trappings are lovingly in place — the cornpone humor, the hollers and whoops, the storytelling and rhymes, the familiar bundle of sounds (chicken scratches, twangs, close harmonies, etc), the glittering outfits, the themes (home, trains, temptation) — there’s nothing studied, meta or po-mo about his approach. Country is a music (and a performance form) to be respected and enjoyed, not mocked or dealt with ironically. His work is all about authenticity in the feelings and the experience — an early wife of…

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