Nation’s Liberals Announce ‘Day Without A Protest’ Protest

U.S.—America’s progressives have arranged yet another nationwide demonstration dubbed the “Day Without A Protest” demonstration, in which participants will stay home and not angrily protest anything and everything that provokes their ire, a liberal spokesperson announced Wednesday.

“The country will be forced to see exactly what it looks like to enjoy a whole day without people protesting in their towns and cities,” the representative for the protest told reporters.

“Soon, the nation will realize just how terrible it is to suffer through 24 hours of peace and civility in our cities’ streets.”

At publishing time, the “Day Without A Protest” announcement had turned violent, igniting riots and lootings throughout the nation.

Immigrant woman shocked by suffering on US college campuses

‘First World problems’… 🙂

bluebird of bitterness

FromThe People’s Cube.

GAINESVILLE, FL – Reading reports from a conference on white privilege held at the University of Florida, local immigrant Diana Yahaira Vasquez Alban, couldn’t help but empathize with the pain and suffering of minority students and academic staff in American colleges, which appeared to be much worse than the poverty and crime she had experienced in her native South America.

“I had no idea that such discrimination existed in this country, and I feel bad for these poor people,” said the 26-year-old Green Card holder from Peru, who was moved to tears by the coverage of the event in the UF’s online student newspaper, Independent Florida Alligator.

Held at the University of Florida’s Center for the Study of Race and Race Relations, the conference focused on drawing attention to white privilege, which is the science that explains how persons born with white skin are granted…

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If You’re Gonna Play in Georgia… (Alabama Parody)

Farce the Music! 

If you’re gonna play in Georgia, you gotta have a DJ in the band
That lead guitar’s alright but son, not for a Leesburg man
So make that EQ bounce for “Country Girl” and let’s all jam
If you’re gonna play in Georgia, you gotta have a DJ in the band
I remember down in Macon we were playin’ country songs
When a frat-boy in the back stood up and yelled, “Get Your Shine On!”
He said, “We hate what you’re doin’, we need the thump real strong,
Bro, that twang you’re twangin’ don’t belong”


Some fun satire about secessionists in eastern Ukraine.

“Greetings from New Republic of Slaviyansk-Dogtopia! We have seized control of local dog pound from forces loyal to evil cat-loving Kievan Junta, namely dirty squirrel called Boris.

We assert sovereign right of local Russian dog to piss on fire hydrant and stick head out of tractor window on freeway. We also demand right of unification with other Russian dog near Stravinsky sausage factory. Western media is to criticize for us by pissing on fire hydrant, but fire hydrant symbol of evil Atlanticist alliance that want to replace us with poodle and other gay sex pet, like octopus.