90’s kids rejoice as Internet Archive releases 2,300 MS-DOS games for free

Alright! 🙂

By today’s standards, classic MS-DOS games like Castle Wolfenstein and Lemmings seem rather rudimentary in terms of how they look on-screen.

A young Xbox One player today might scoff at the pixelating stylings of Prince of Persia for the Apple II, but computer games from the late ’80s and ’90s hold a special place in the hearts of anyone who grew up in or discovered PC gaming around that time.

If you can remember playing Commander Keen in your school’s computer lab on rainy days, trying to avoid dying of dysentery while travelling along The Oregon Trail on a Commodore 64, or purposely trying to become friends with that kid in your class whose dad had Maniac Mansion on his Mac, you’ll understand what I mean.

You might also be thrilled to learn that you can re-live all of these adventures right now, for free, without downloading a thing.

Just months after making 900 coin-operated arcade games from the ‘70s and ‘80s available on its website, The Internet Archive has released more than 2,300 classic MS-DOS games — all of them playable right within your browser.