Chick-fil-A sales have doubled since LGBT boycotts began

via Chick-fil-A sales have doubled since LGBT boycotts began


Good news in architecture

Hey, social media stunt punks: choke on this great news

Let’s hope she gets 20 years in prison and a $10000 fine.
Serves her right.
Let that be a lesson to any of you young punks tempted to pull such a stunt yourselves. 😉

Fake-out from the afterlife: Dead wife pranks her husband, for years


Just before Phedre Fitton died of ovarian cancer four years ago, she gave her husband one final instruction: to water her plants in the washroom.Intent on fulfilling his late wife’s request, Nigel Fitton dutifully watered the plants in the home they shared in Johannesburg, South Africa for years.

Antonia Nicol, the couple’s daughter, told that her father was so proud of himself for keeping his wife’s plants alive for so long.

That is, until he discovered his wife had managed to prank him one last time.