Saturday Photo Gallery: Superior, Arizona

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Uncouth Reflections

Sir Barken Hyena writes:


To take some air before it got too hot in this desert summer, I rode the Green Monster out to Superior, Arizona early this morning. Not quite a ghost town, but surely not living, Superior has seen a few attempts at a boutique revival, and some are still going on. A few towns like Bisbee and Jerome have made this transition but how many art galleries can one state support? Meanwhile Superior lingers on from the scrapings of highway traffic, a few salaried officials and some desultory, mostly robotic mining. But, it’s not without it’s beauty.

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The 2015 Harbin Ice and Snow Festival

Every year, in northeast China’s Heilongjiang province, the city of Harbin hosts the Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival, featuring massive ice and snow sculptures. At night, the sculptures are colorfully illuminated and visitors can climb and play on some of the structures. The festival officially opened on January 5 this year, and will run through the end of February. According to organizers, the winter festival now draws several million tourists each year, from China and from abroad.

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An Icy Start to Winter

Recent storms and plunging temperatures have encrusted regions of Germany, Austria, and Hungary in thick sheets of ice. Freezing fog and icy rain coated nearly every surface, leaving road signs and trees looking like works of abstract art. The weather has closed some schools and left residents without power as crews work to clear heavy tree branches from roads, buildings, and power lines.

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