Man punches cougar, saves pet dachshund

Awesome! 🙂

A Vancouver Island man used his fists to save his beloved miniature dachshund from becoming a meal for a starving cougar.

Shawn Hanson and his dog Bailey were on a fishing and camping trip near Ucluelet on Vancouver Island when it happened.

While cleaning several caught salmon, Hanson looked down to see his dog being dragged off into the underbrush.

“Out of the corner of my eye, I see a little flash. I look down and it’s a small cougar dragging my dog off into the bushes,” he told CTV Vancouver Island.

Hanson gave chase. After catching up with the cougar on a hilltop, he tackled it.

Hanging on to the animal’s rear, he grabbed Bailey with his free hand, but the cougar wouldn’t let go.

“I reached back and punched it in the face,” he said.

The punch stunned the cougar, allowing Hanson to retrieve his pet without a further fight.


After handing Bailey off to a friend at the edge of the underbrush, Hanson grabbed his rifle from his truck, tracked the cougar, and fired a warning shot.

That’s when Hanson said the cougar, unfazed, started moving towards him.

“It just kept staring at me,” he said. “I raised the rifle and waited a second. It took two more steps and I had to put the cougar down. It was pretty much over at that point.”

Stupid cougar. Humans rule!

Girl, 6, just the right size to rescue kitten from storm drain


Firefighters were too big to rescue a kitten from a storm drain in south-central Pennsylvania, but a six-year-old girl proved to be just the right size.

Lancaster Township firefighters responded when Janeysha Cruz and her friends saw the trapped kitten Tuesday afternoon.

The girl’s mother called 911 and then gave firefighters permission to lower the kindergartner nearly a metre into the drain, which was too small for the firefighters to enter. The girl was able to coax the kitten to come to her and handed it to the firefighters.

Pit bull alerts sleeping boy to fire

Pit bulls aren’t all bad…

July 17 (Reuters) – An Indiana family’s pit bull is being praised for alerting a deaf boy to a serious fire in his home by licking the sleeping boy’s face until he woke up, authorities said.

Nick Lamb, 13, told authorities that he was not wearing his hearing assistance implants while napping Wednesday afternoon as fire began spreading through his Indianapolis home, Indianapolis Fire Department Captain Rita Reith said Thursday.

The pit bull, Ace, went into Nick’s room during the fire and licked his face, Reith said. Alone in the house, Nick covered his nose and mouth with his T-shirt and he and Ace fled the house. The boy was examined and released at the scene.

“We hear of dogs barking to wake someone up during a fire but not licking their face,” Reith said.

Indeed, we don’t! Smart dog…