Bubbly Cornbread

Sounds intriguing!

Food Fellowship and Wine

And by “Bubbly” I of course mean champagne.

I am a sucker for three things: bread, champagne and easy things. This one ticks them all, which is why it is clear that this is one of my favourite recipes ever. You literally just mix all the ingredients in one bowl and prod it in the oven. You can even mix and match ingredients as you go along, a few months ago I put together a bacon, olive and mushroom concoction which was absolutely divine (read here). But this time I have to pay an homage to one of my other favourites, corn. Most of us grew up with tons of variations of corn bread: whole corn, sweet corn, corn flour. Everyone has their religion. I like whole corn for the very specific reason that it bursts with sweetness as you bite into the butter-loaded slice adding some texture and sensation…

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Jelly omelette

Looking online at a number of early-mid-20th-century restaurant breakfast menus today, I see many feature something called a ‘jelly omelette’. Apparently it’s just that, an omelette where the filling is jelly, spread evenly across the surface of the omelette before folding it over in half, and finishing cooking. Kinda weird, but nevertheless, it does sound interesting; I intend to try it sometime, and see if I like it.