Pay-It-Forward Restaurant Feeds Around 40 Homeless People Every Day


When 27-year-old business school graduate Mason Wartman quit his Wall Street job to sell $1 pizza slices, to many of his friends it seemed like the anticlimax of a brilliant career. But the man was simply trying to achieve a different sort of greatness with his no-frills pizza shop, Rosa’s Fresh Pizza, in Philadelphia’s Center City. In the past one year, the shop has served 8,500 free slices of pizza to homeless people, by harnessing the generosity of its patrons.

The shop operates by a ‘pay it forward’ system – customers who walk in to buy pizza can also sponsor a slice for a homeless person. In this way, about 30 to 40 homeless people are able to eat for free at Rosa’s every single day.

Now this is a ‘pay it forward’ I fully support and endorse, unlike the usual thing where people at a place pay for the next person behind them, so people end up treating people who don’t need charity.

Of course, it also helps his business. But why not? 🙂