StopXam – Russia’s Parking Vigilantes Make Bad Drivers Follow the Rules One Way or Another

Well, that’s one way… 🙂

“Some drivers are very violent. I’ve been threatened with a firearm thousands of times. But we want to build a civil society to make democracy work. So that is a conscious choice that we make.”


The group’s work and popularity has earned them the praise of some of Russia’s highest-ranking officials; they’ve even met with President Putin. “We do have some support as well from public servants and government officials,” said Chugunov. “But they help us in a private capacity. We’ve been praised by the President and the Prime Minister. It didn’t involve any financial help.”

Putin’s endorsment has helped the group’s relations with the real traffic police. But they insist that they’re not too close to the establishment. “We are so popular because we’re honest and transparent,” Chugunov added. “We don’t do any favors for important people or government cars. People who have bigger cars and more money shouldn’t think that they have a greater freedom to do anything they want.”