Aussie fisherman help a whale that apparently approached them for help

Interesting and heart-warming incident!

  • A whale surprised a group of fishermen north of Sydney
  • The whale appeared to be asking for help as it swam closely to their boats
  • One of the men removed fishing lines and rubbish bags out of its mouth
  • Another fisherman took selfies at the same time 
  • The whale apparently showed its appreciation by flapping its fin

See pictures at the link.

Animals are smart enough to do this sort of thing – ask humans for assistance. Even birds. A few years back, I noticed a red-wing blackbird appearing to be trying to get my attention by swooping near to me, back and forth; I then noticed, up a nearby tree, its nest, which was being harassed by a squirrel. I broke from my normal tendency not to interfere with nature, and yelled at the squirrel, which fled. The mother flew all around and chattered, apparently happy her young ones were safe, and apparently grateful for my help. Smart mother bird!

Tangled Manta Ray asks for diver’s help – Ghost Fishing – Costa Rica

We (Thomaz Monteiro and Flavia Passaglia from Brazil) were diving at Bat Islands, Costa Rica, when this peaceful manta came. Brian Thompson (from Canada) gently cut the net fishing and now the manta can live with no pain. Important: We picked up the line. It’s our trophy now! Brian, the diver who cut the line, gave a little piece for all divers there!. Enjoy the video, Thomaz Monteiro.