Two numbers from 1814! The Rock Opera

Two selections from the show:

Rear Admiral Cockburn is “Too Rockin’ To Lose”

Major George Armistead commissions a “Big Ass Flag” from Mary Pickersgill


The world’s first metalhead president?

Indonesia: Metal fans cheer Joko Widodo poll win.

The winner of Indonesia’s presidential election has been receiving congratulatory messages from an unlikely group of supporters – heavy metal music fans around the world.

Soon after Jakarta Governor Joko Widodo – widely known as Jokowi – declared victory on Tuesday, Randy Blythe, singer of the metal band Lamb of God, expressed his support on Instagram: “Incredibly, ladies and gentlemen, the new president of Indonesia is a metalhead and a Lamb of God fan,” adding that Widodo is “the world’s first heavy metal president”. Another heavy metal band, Anthrax, posted a congratulatory message on Facebook, saying: “Now if only all other countries would follow suit.”


Indonesian metalheads also hope that, with a president who is an open heavy metal fan, the genre will gain acceptance and popularity across the country, the Jakarta Post reports.