Son of a bitch…

Most cheerful song about alcoholism and delirium tremens ever… 😉

Recipe for Advocaat (Dutch Eggnog)

Custard with booze, gotta love it!
Fun fact: advocaat was originally made with avocados; see ‘origin’ section of the translated Dutch wiki, here. (BTW, funny how ‘advocaat’ ends up translated as ‘lawyer’, eh? Guess that happens when your language makes the word for ‘avocado’ too close to that for ‘advocate’. 🙂 )

Weekend Cocktail: Here’s What To Do With Apple Bourbon

Apple bourbon itself sounds intriguing.

The bottle arrived in good order, and was promptly sampled. Made with straight bourbon that has been aged for two years, Bushel & Barrel comes in at 30 percent alcohol by volume, with a prominent flavor of apples and a heavy sweetness. It can be sipped on the rocks, which for me was almost like drinking a hard cider. It’s surprisingly tasty and incredibly smooth. If such a thing as a “flavored whiskey” market must exist (as indeed it must, for which I blame women), then it is best that entrants to it be of good quality. Berentzen’s Bushel & Barrel passes the test, as it exceeded my expectations in quality and drinkability.

It’s also fairly mixable. Let’s explore a few options for drinks.