Poetry Interlude: Some selections from Canada’s worst poet, on dairy farming


James McIntyre got no respect in his lifetime, and little since.

And admittedly, his poems are fairly universally considered, well, doggerel.

Still, even so, they have a charm of their own, in my opinion, in spite of that, especially today. Because hey, even bad poetry can still be good. 🙂

Here, then, just for fun, are a few short ones of his, celebrating dairy farming.


The farmers now should all adorn
A few fields with sweet southern corn,
It is luscious, thick and tall,
The beauty of the fields in fall.

For it doth make best ensilage,
For those in dairying engage
It makes the milk in streams to flow,
Where dairymen have a good silo.

The cow is a happy rover
O’er the fields of blooming clover,
Of it she is a fond lover,
And it makes the milk pails run over.

Windmills and Stone Stables

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