Weekend Cocktail: Becherovka In Prague

A great Prague travelogue AND review of a Czech specialty, and a recipe for a cocktail.

Now that’s an essay! 🙂



Woodkopf – The Wacky Czech Sport You’ve Probably Never Heard of Before

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Woodkopf is a crazy new sport invented in the Czech Republic that’s been gaining quite a lot of national media attention lately. The popular sport involves a pair of opponents wearing two-meter wooden boards on their heads and trying to knock the other’s board down without dropping their own. As strange as it sounds, a rousing match of Woodkopf can be quite exciting to watch.

The wacky sport can be traced back to July of 1992, when it was practiced during a cultural festival of art school graduates in Prague. Woodkopf (which literally translates to ‘wooden head’) is popular partly due to the fact that the game is simple, inexpensive and requires no complex equipment, but also because it never fails to supply a good dose of humor.

It is played by both men and women of all ages, and the rules are pretty simple. Both opponents must wear…

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