Bungling fuel thief siphons motorhome toilet into his mouth

Aw, shit!” 😉

A thief who tried to steal fuel from a motorhome got a shock when he put a hose in his mouth and siphoned off the contents of the toilet.

The culprit got a mouthful of the lavatory’s weekend contents rather than the diesel he was expecting to transfer to his container.

DNA in unflushed toilet snares California burglary suspect

Another good reason to always flush. 😉

A California burglary suspect has been arrested after police say he left a key piece of evidence at the crime scene when he forgot to flush the toilet.

Investigators say Andrew Jensen’s sample in the toilet bowl at the home in Los Angeles suburb of Thousand Oaks matched DNA on an FBI database.

The 42-year-old was arrested on 28 July nearly a year after the residential burglary in October 2016.

Police said they collect any type of evidence left behind at crime scenes.

Let that be a lesson to us all. 😉

Mobsters Dressed as Cops Rip Off Coke Dealers

I love this kind of good news, too… 🙂

They call the Mafia the Outfit in Chicago. I love Chicago gang news. Read the Tribune every day for the gang and Cubs news. This story is one that keeps coming around… Outfit crews dressing up as cops to knock over other bad guys.

Mobsters dressed as cops set up the Valentine’s Day Massacre. So this gambit has the Capone seal of approval.

My granddaddy was a bootlegger, so I’ve been neutral… that is among the cops, the fake cops and the gangsters. They all look the same.

Here’s what this Chicago Outfit crew was doing:

The men’s crimes included home invasions, armed robberies, burglaries, insurance fraud and prostitution, Cook County State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez said at a news conference after the crew’s bond hearings.

This crew kept things in the family, featuring father/son and husband/wife duos. Now, that’s Chicago. These are tough guys, too:

During a home invasion in 2013, Panozzo Sr. sliced off the ear of a victim after he heard the man speaking English after he had claimed that he only spoke Spanish.

Bad guys preying on bad guys!

Gotta love it! 🙂

An ex-criminal has got a first class criminology degree

No doubt putting her experiences to great use! 🙂


A reformed criminal who has said she committed more than 100 offences has gained a first class honours degree in criminology.

Natalie Atkinson has admitted she was “in and out of trouble” when she was a teenager.

However, despite leaving school when she was 12 years old, she scored 95% in her dissertation.

Natalie has also been named student of the year by the National Union of Students (NUS).

Placed into care at the age of 13, Natalie, from Lancaster, was regularly arrested for fighting and criminal damage and was “constantly in and out of prison cells”.

The 25-year-old has said most of her offences were committed while under the influence of alcohol.

While going through the prison system, Natalie said she felt “angry with the world” because she “couldn’t see any route out of crime”.

“I don’t think I was supported enough to come out of the criminal justice system,” she told Newsbeat.

“When I went to prison they tried to label me as mentally ill. Nobody could understand why I was behaving the way I did, but I was just an angry teenager. Prison didn’t help me.”

Natalie believes her time in prison caused her problems with addiction, depression and self-harm, but eventually she reached a point where she decided she wanted to turn her life around.

“I was sick of being in the same situation constantly and thought I could use my own experiences to help other people.”

Natalie says she was worried about going to college because she felt two GCSEs was not enough.

However, she soon discovered criminology which became her passion because she felt she “already knew so much about the system”.

She said: “Who would you rather have helping people in the same situation? Someone with a degree or someone with a degree and lived experience who has been there and done that and come out the other side?”

Natalie went on to do study policing, investigation and criminology at the University of Cumbria.

“I was really nervous when I went to university. I thought, ‘I’m not going to fit in’. I hadn’t been in education that long. I honestly thought it was going to really drag.”

Natalie graduated with a first and won the NUS student of the year award.


Natalie is now going to study for her masters degree in criminology at the London School of Economics and says she dreams of doing a PHD in the future.