Win your wife’s weight in beer, plus cash, at the North American Wife Carrying Championship

The CBC just put up a photo gallery of their own about the North American Wife Carrying Championship, presumably from this year’s contest, which would have been this Columbus Day weekend, just ended.


I had known about the Finnish sport of wife-carrying (my parents once did it on a trip to Finland), but I hadn’t appreciated, till reading this Fox News item, that there is a North American version: the North American Wife Carrying Championship, in Newry, Maine, held each Columbus Day weekend, apparently going for over a decade now.

Contestants consist of pairs of husband-wife teams (though apparently, they allow unmarried couples as well, oh well), running through and around a variety of obstacles – e.g. up sand dunes, through waterholes.  If you drop your partner at any point, a time penalty is added to your total time.

As with the Finnish ones, if you win, you win your wife’s weight in beer, as well as cash, which is awesome, though it does present a quandary of sorts: on the one hand, the bigger your wife is, the more beer you’d…

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