How different Christian denominations / traditions see each other (and themselves)


A poem about God

Reblogged from Breaking through illusions:

When he touches the mountains

they smoke

Like wax they melt before him

Who is like him

Mighty to Save

Awesome in righteousness

With justice he judges and makes war

His discerning eyes are aflame with fire

His hair is as white as wool

For as surely as he lives forever

when he grasps his sword in judgement

His arrows will drink blood

His sword shall devour flesh

When he thunders forth from his dwelling

The mountains will shake and the clouds will pour rain

He shall establish his king on his holy mountain

For he alone shall be exalted.

Kansas farmer lets stranger hunt on his land, gets a kidney

An odd headline, but an inspiring story.

Gil Alexander is very thankful he welcomed Rob Robinson onto his property six years ago.

Their chance meeting saved Alexander’s life.


He told WIBW, “I want God’s light to shine through me. Anything I can do or say to help someone…and I guess I have always been that way or thought that way, but this kind of put an emphasis or a exclamation point behind it. It’s all about sharing the blessing.”