Canadian man fights off black bear with boxing skills

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A Canadian man has fought off a 320lb (145kg) black bear with skills he learned from years as a boxer.

Rick Nelson, 61, from Ontario was walking his dog when a cub poked its head out of a shrub. Moments later, its mother charged out of the bushes and attacked.

He fought off the mother bear with his bare fists, walking away with just minor scratches on his face and chest.

The Canadian forestry ministry says that attacks by black bears are rare.

After several swings from Mr Nelson, the bear walked away from the fight with a bloody nose.

Mr Nelson said: “It just turned back around and walked away like nothing ever happened and followed the cub. So I really lucked out there.”

Shark attack saves man’s life

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A man has said his life was saved by a shark attack when it revealed he had a cancerous tumour.


Mr Finney said: “That night I started having pretty serious chest and back pains.”

And it continued to get worse on his return home to Fitchburg, Massachusetts.

A visit to hospital confirmed the pain was caused by internal bruising caused by the attack.

However, the medical staff who examined him also found he had a cancer.

“They had discovered a growth, or a tumour, on my right kidney about the size of a walnut,” Mr Finney said.

After undergoing surgery to remove it, he said: “If this didn’t happen with the shark, causing me to go in with this chest pain, I would have never known about this cancer.”

The surgeon who operated on him, Dr Ingolf Tuerk, of St Elizabeth’s Medical Center, Brighton, said: “It led…

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Man punches cougar, saves pet dachshund

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A Vancouver Island man used his fists to save his beloved miniature dachshund from becoming a meal for a starving cougar.

Shawn Hanson and his dog Bailey were on a fishing and camping trip near Ucluelet on Vancouver Island when it happened.

While cleaning several caught salmon, Hanson looked down to see his dog being dragged off into the underbrush.

“Out of the corner of my eye, I see a little flash. I look down and it’s a small cougar dragging my dog off into the bushes,” he told CTV Vancouver Island.

Hanson gave chase. After catching up with the cougar on a hilltop, he tackled it.

Hanging on to the animal’s rear, he grabbed Bailey with his free hand, but the cougar wouldn’t let go.

“I reached back and punched it in the face,” he said.

The punch stunned the cougar, allowing Hanson to retrieve his pet without a further fight.


After handing Bailey off to a friend at the edge of the underbrush, Hanson grabbed his rifle from his truck, tracked the cougar, and fired a warning shot.

That’s when Hanson said the cougar, unfazed, started moving towards him.

“It just kept staring at me,” he said. “I raised the rifle and waited a second. It took two more steps and I had to put the cougar down. It was pretty much over at that point.”

Stupid cougar. Humans rule!

Family Cat Saves Child From Dog Attack

BAKERSFIELD, INDIANA., — Home surveillance video captures a horrifying scene when a child playing outside of his parents driveway is viciously attacked by a loose dog.

The video shows little boy playing on his bicycle when a loose dog sneaks up and attacks the child biting onto his leg. Seconds later “Tara” the family cat, seen running after the dog and chasing it away.

The boy’s mother can be seen tending to the boy before running off camera. According to reports, the mother leaves because dog continues to linger on the other side of the SUV. The mother tries to fend off the dog while trying to get the attention of her neighbor who is also in his driveway.

According to the mother, although the child required stitches in his leg, he is doing fine.

That family sure has a lot of surveillance cameras, eh what?