Footless Calgary rooster walks again with 3D-printed talons

Is there anything 3D-printing can’t be used for? Gotta love human ingenuity. 🙂

A Calgary bird who lost his feet to frostbite is now walking thanks to a pair of artificial talons created on a 3D printer.

Left with just stumps and unable to walk, Foghorn the footless rooster was discovered earlier this year by the city’s animal and bylaw services.

Dr. Daniel Pang, an assistant professor in the University of Calgary’s Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, wanted to help when heard about the rooster’s condition. Pang’s area of research is in small animal pain and welfare.

“I immediately thought of Dr. Mark Ungrin as I knew he had a 3D printer in his laboratory and he might be able to design and create prosthetic feet for the rooster,” he said in a release.

The two veterinarians put their noggins together and brought in an undergraduate mechanical engineering student to help manufacture the fake feet.