Dull, Bland and Boring team up for tourism

Whatever. 😉

The road sign in Dull, Perthshire, has become something of a tourist hotspot


After Dull twinned with Boring it was only a matter of time before Bland got in on the act.Three of the world’s most tedious-sounding villages are preparing for a week of festivities to celebrate their, well, distinctive ordinariness.



Dull, a tiny community in Perthshire, is hosting a civic reception at the local cinema, where residents will be offered the chance to exchange niceties over a few drinks — nothing too raucous — with the mayor of Bland and his delegation on Friday.

Keep your mouth shut, they’ll think you’re a fool; open it, and you’ll remove all doubt

Thrice wrong:

1. Yugoslavia was never part of the Soviet Union or in its sphere of influence. On the contrary, the communist country was well-known throughout the Cold War for its rocky relationship with Moscow.

2. Slovakia was never a part of Yugoslavia. As the name suggests, Slovakia was part of Czechoslovakia until the country broke apart in 1993.

3. Ivana Trump is not Slovakian. She was born and raised in what is today the Czech Republic. An ethnic Czech, she even taught the language to her oldest son, Donald Trump Jr.