6 thoughts on “Sign of the Noahic Covenant, bro!

  1. Stalin wanted to ship all Jews to Siberia. As I understand, most of the ‘modern’ concrete buildings were put up on his order, then never filled. Now, of course, Chinese and Korean refugees are. And, every person over the age of 12 has to be proficient in pistol fire and the AK47. China claims any place Chinese live belongs to China. Siberia is unofficially at war with China and has been since the 1400s. Polar bears and tigers feed well each winter, and then sharks and orca get their share after the thaw. hasta!

      • Cold isn’t a problem with me. Dampness is. that and I’m not wild about eating potatoes 3 times a day in all the ways I’ve seen it made. Cherry potato dumplings. Mashed potato pierogies. And so on… 🙂

      • Potato candy! The candy is same basic, but with butter and a lot of sugar.
        Cherry dumplings: Make potato noodle dough (mashed potatoes, four, corn starch, some sour cream or plain yogurt is you like pierogie dough). Canned or fresh, pitted pie cherries covered with sugar. Make small dumplings, one cherry to a dumpling. Drop in boiling water. Take out, roll in sugar, deep-fry. do not scorch! When they turn golden, remove, cool on paper towels, and eat. Cherry season starts up your way in a week or two. hasta

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