7 thoughts on “It’s a snake! Er, wait…

  1. Personally, I do not think I’d want any snake, even non-venomous, anywhere near my fly. It’s not jealousy, but if bitten, think who would have to suck out the venom 🙂 And, non-venomous snakes can give a very bad infection when they bite. Say, bad enough something had to be removed in surgery? No, I don’t even like camels, let alone want to be a camel jockey. Errrrk.

      • In India? A lady other there was asking questions about organic gardening. She wasn’t to convert her backyard into a veggie patch, but was afraid of disturbing their ‘pet’ cobra. They fed it milk and it tamed enough they could work near it. She didn’t want to lose it because rats destroyed her neighbors’ gardens. Something else they liked, no kali snakes. She said the cobras eat them, like rattlers do the muy bravo (same as a kali). Mouser (a rattler) is welcome in the garden but she better take off before dawn or the hawks will get her 🙂

      • Okay, maybe he could have been in some danger, what with all of India’s snakes and all, but still… 😉

        Interesting. Well, pick your alliances. Spiders keep away / eat insects; I try not to kill them unless I have to…

      • You like spiders? Yo, got plenty of black-widows you can have. No, wait, the giant centipedes are eating them all, and the scorpions, too, drat it. The cobra is an important ‘person’ in Hindu religion,.. They’re not supposed to kill rats because Brahma rode a rat. Snakes tame easily if you know how. They all love milk. Just, if you ever get a boa, do not never ever allow it to hug you. they don’t know when to stop. then they wanna give ya big French kiss, too. Gross. 🙂 Snakes have many uses, but for me, the best use would be fashionwear (hat bands, boots, belts), and hog spaghetti (pigs do love the taste 🙂

    • yeah, hogs are the only animals, farmers say, that will bite off the hand that feeds it 🙂 Livestock are a big reason folks in agriculture joke that going to war a vacation. Family is another: “It can be right peaceful amid the screams of the wounded and bombs dropping, and no little kids around,” as I was told before going in the Army. But, yes, pigs will go after any snake they find. They’re omnivores and like meat and blood.

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