4 thoughts on “Oops

  1. Yeah, maybe send him the electric bill for charging the car. No, that might make him commit suicide. Ya got to love these green (bowel) movement people. It costs more to make the electric than it would to gas a car, but ooo, how nice it is to not see the fuel bill. I think I’ll go puke now…

      • They could send him here. AZ has plenty of sun. Pretty much anything the state uses today, road signs, and so on, is solar. But, for something the gov can waste money, or a life, on, no, they’d have backup. Hey, no sun, no problem–that’s what the Hitler Final Solution for the folks in social security is for, the needle. And that was kinder than denying them health care like so many nations are doing today. And then there’s the electric car, a wet blanket, and the trunk. Run a few wires in, zap! I imagine with all these Nazis in our governments, the possibilities are endless for the snuff film crowd.

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