Sea Monster in the Ottawa River

And so yet another place, like Loch Ness in Scotland or Lake Ogopogo in B.C., gets its own unknown sea monster. 🙂



For hundreds of years sightings of unclassified marine creatures have filled the log books of ships, menacing creatures that lurk beneath the waves. Often called “sea serpents”, these elusive creatures often appear on old maps as fanciful drawings of sea faring monsters with great teeth, devouring entire ships.

Screen shot 2016-07-05 at 9.20.38 AM 1550 map of Canada showing sea monsters off the coast. 

Scientists currently believe these sightings can be best explained as documented creatures such as the lungfish, oarfish or even eels. Yet there is one sighting of a sea serpent that goes beyond just a visual interpretation, an incident that involved one being captured. Not on the ocean, but right here in the Ottawa River.


Along the Ottawa River near Arnprior the waters widen as they stretch north, resembling more of a lake than a river, hence it being given the name Chats Lake. It reaches from the…

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2 thoughts on “Sea Monster in the Ottawa River

  1. If they want monsters, Cuba and N. Korea are being run by them. For that matter, they can have our very own serpent, Carts, down in DC. Maybe they could give the houseboy some swimfins?

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