13 thoughts on “Cabin in the Woods

  1. Not bad, tho I’m no fan of poetry. As a song, yeah! I wrote a few short stories for the ezine, Cabins, up near the north pole. toronto, I think. that was years ago, and I hope they’re still perking. It was a good ezine. niio

  2. Soy en obscuro, por favor. 🙂 But, thank you. It runs in the family. What no one chould unserstand is,why am I’m such a grossly bad speller, yet avid reder. Too many languages in the fam, mebbe, hawa, yo. I’ve imporved by miles on spelling, bye the bye.

      • Like curly did, he raised a finger. That’s what men t=do best, one thing at a time and do it right. Women, psychologists in the fam tell us, can be having mind-blowing sex like 7th heaven see the stars sex, and plan what’s for breakfast, remember to pick up the kids are school, plan a letter to a friend or editor, go over her shopping list. their minds can go 7 different directions at once because she never had to face an angry, wounded mammoth or an angry, eager army, or remember to dodge when the dishes start to fly. AKA, warrior aspect. It demands total concentration, especially when those drying pans and bullets start to zip by your head. No, I’m not smiling. God, i love exicin’ women!

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