Me too

9 thoughts on “Me too

  1. Yeah, and that went over like a lead condom. My take, and it better be or else every woman in the fam will beat on me, is, what about the rights of the baby? Maybe the Muslims are right and we need a good bombing to stop this. Er, no. Now my Muslim relatives will be POed at me. 🙂 Niio!

      • Gov. Kaye, Alabama, just signed a bill expanding the rights of children. It’s called the strictest anti-abortion bill in the US. ! 🙂

      • Great! Now let’s see if that lasts, or gets struck down by the Supreme Court. Roberts is unreliable; he’s been turned… This is why Roe vs. Wade hasn’t been overturned yet…

      • We’ll see STAT. Planned Parenthood is acting like Nazis again, nothing new there. After all, Margret Sanger bragged Hitler called her his spiritual mother and she, him, her spiritual son. R v W won’t be overturned. It’s a holy commandment to liberals. This is a state’s right issue, and even the liberals are getting antsy about screwing with that. A key judgeship in Texas was just filled by a man who called Obama some naughty names. Mitt Romney, of course, lambasted him for it, but the LDS always did side with the DNC. It’s getting harder for LDS to get elected even in Utah, and they own the state. niio!

      • The nice thing, at least, is that the battle lines are being drawn, things are heating up; it does appear that positive change is coming, in time if not soon. About time.

      • Yo, make a choice! People are being forced to choose, just as they were when the War Between the States happened, and the dems were screwy enough to force it. They’re losing a lot of voters because of abortion, and are nutty enough to think they can bring in Muslims to replace the ones leaving. Problem is, Muslims has a tendency to kill abortionists. And atheism, something else the DNC promotes. Look for troubles like we never saw in a century. niio!

      • Yes. Ad, you must be pretty popular, amigo. I just say some comments by the GOP about the coming civil war on abortion. No doubt Muslims in the family are sharpening swords in the hope of finding an abortionist alone. When someone asks if I’m for children’s rights, I say, of course, my whole family is anti-abortion. niio

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