Butter burgers



A butter burger is made up of a pan-seared buttery burger patty, a slice of cheese, onions cooked in butter, and a soft bun covered in butter. It’s true to its name with all the butter!


‘Merica! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Butter burgers

      • Butter went to make bitter chocolate candy with peanuts and toasted coconut. Hamburger & onions went into ‘burger and fried cabbage. 3 heads of cabbage are fermenting into salt-free sauerkraut. All very tasty. After eating his share of cabbage, the dachshund spent half the night outside with his rectal pain…Nope, no chocolate for the Terrible Baby. And, the ‘kraut is fermenting on a table on the back porch to keep him from eating it. Food and sex, yes, he’s a teenage boy. BTW, the German Shepherd down the road started to howl till he broke out and went to visit with her. Love, oh my.

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