5 thoughts on “Meanwhile, in Canada…

  1. I’m moving back to Arizona next month. I love snow, but can see all I want by looking at the mountains across the canyon. Enjoy, but do not eat the yellow stuff! 🙂

    • 🙂

      I visited Tucson for a wedding in April 2011, and the weather was great until the day of the wedding; it dropped below freezing, and it snowed. The Canadians were not prepared, we didn’t bring winter gear with us, so we were freezing; the locals had dug out their winter clothes, and were laughing at us. We were at a ranch in a only partially enclosed building, with one wall open to the outdoors, built that way, so we were shivering; the torches they had helped only a bit, and all the food turned ice cold immediately. Not a great experience. The rest of the vacation was great, though. I love AZ, and hope to return one day.

      • Tucson is like that. tsuk shon. It means dark/changing waters and has an evil aura around it. Still, the town is over 3,000 years old and still growing, despite the libs 🙂 I’m moving about 40 miles northeast of there.

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