Man finds bomb in garden, calls police; turns out it’s just a zucchini

That’s a relief – and a great addition to dinner! 😉

A German man feared a monster courgette he found in his garden was an unexploded World War Two bomb and called the police.

The 5kg (11-pound) courgette had probably been thrown over a hedge into the 81 year old’s garden, police said.

Luckily no evacuation was required in Bretten, a town near Karlsruhe in south-west Germany.

The 40cm (16-inch) vegetable – also called zucchini – “really did look like a bomb”, police said.

Once police had reassured him following the early morning call-out, the pensioner disposed of the courgette himself.

10 thoughts on “Man finds bomb in garden, calls police; turns out it’s just a zucchini

  1. That was funny. My family did have a real alert with a land mine. A nosy neighbor came over to poke around and accidentally uncovered a land mine the 11 year old buried (he’s 30 now). She screamed and ran home to call the cops, who looked at it and offered the kid twenty for it. He used to hang out at the armory and do clean-up detail for them (swept floors, ran errands and so on) and to pay him, they have him junk laying around. No, the mine was only a shell. anything interesting had long since been removed. A few days later, she was skulking near the fence trying to find out why all those soldiers had tacked up that nasty razor wire for Bob. 🙂
    the great thing is, every time she called the cops on us thereafter, they ignored it. Unless Bob had some cool stuff to trade. Peace!

  2. A few years ago, someone in my neighbourhood put up a decoration of a plastic or papier-mâché Canada goose in their backyard, attached to a shed by a rope around the fake bird’s neck, so that it would ‘fly’ when the wind caught it. I contemplated phoning the Humane Society on them and claiming someone had captured and was clearly torturing and abusing a real Canada goose, but I decided not to go through with it. Still, would have been a lark (no pun intended). 😉

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