The Meme War and its Victors

Great collection!

Yep; this is how elections are won, 21st-century style! 🙂

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Uncouth Reflections

Fabrizio del Wrongo writes:


One thing Hillary didn’t tell you about the Deplorables: they produced a whole lot of fascinating political art. And it’s all the more fascinating for being so off-the-cuff, so anonymous, so — uh — dank. In my opinion much of it is more spirited and incisive than Shepard Fairey’s literally iconic Obama poster, which to me looks a lot like the front panel of a box of communist-themed cereal.

The kids (are they mostly kids?) on Reddit’s r/The_Donald are already referring to the election as The Meme War. They view themselves as this war’s victors. I find it hard to deny them the title or the consequent gloating.

Below are some of my favorite examples of the memes that won the Meme War.

More here.

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