A Guest Blogger Writes on Brexit

Pastiche is fun! 🙂

Uncouth Reflections

Fenster writes:

One Obadiah Plainman, who, being of the LOWER ORDERS, hath not access to a blogging platform, a most unenviable state in the current times.  He is however a close acquaintance of MR. FENSTER, who as is well known occupies a position of some prominence in the blogging world.  MR. FENSTER holds Mr. Plainman in the highest regard, despite the fact that MR. FENSTER his self is of the highest character and considered one of the BETTER FROGS.

Mr. Plainman is an Englishman and is proud of his vote to leave the Union.  But he is vexed to a high degree by recent events in Europe and wishes that his opinions on such events be broadcast to the WIDEST POSSIBLE AUDIENCE.  He naturally turned to MR. FENSTER with a request that his views be disseminated.

At Uncouth Reflections we may be many things but second only to being pornographers…

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