Doors of Ghent

Uncouth Reflections

Fenster writes:

Front doors, as points of transit between public and private spaces, assume some of the qualities of each sphere.  And if one were to anthropomorphize a house while the windows would be the eyes the door would be the mouth: the place where speech takes place.  And, given the mixed quality of the door, it will be the place where public and private speech can take place, depending on how the tension between public and private is played out culturally.

I noticed in Williamsburg, a place of many tribes, that the two most self-promoting tribes–the (mostly) white gentrifiers and the (mostly) black street people–were fond of self-assertion through the colonization of public spaces.  While the white gentrifiers left “private” doorways mostly alone in favor of phone booths and open walls the street culture was dominant as regards colonizing private doors top to bottom–one way, I suppose of saying…

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