Eddie’s Spirit Chronicles: Stolen Rum Coffee & Cigarettes

Intriguing! I sometimes enjoy a bit of rum in my coffee, though I can’t imagine combining those flavours with cheap cigarettes (though I have occasionally enjoyed a rum-flavoured cigarillo).

I’d try it, if I ever encounter it. 🙂

Uncouth Reflections

Eddie Pensier writes:

New Zealand brand Stolen Rum has a hipster origin story for the ages: inspired by a Jim Jarmusch movie.


Instead of the usual fruitcakey sorts of spices that flavor a spiced rum, Stolen decided to make theirs smell of  what I imagine the back-bar of a grungy 70s downtown rock club smelled like at 6am…rum, coffee and cigarettes, just like it says on the bottle. Definitely not your average spiced Sailor Jerry or Captain Morgan. This is surely no sophisticated pipey “tobacco” note but rather the grey, ashy smell of cheap or badly handmade cigarettes with too high a ratio of paper to tobacco.

What a surprise then, that the coffee note is the smooth player in this mix. Not bitter overroasted coffee, but a nice medium-roast that when combined with the rum’s own inherent caramel-molasses-vanilla notes produces an interesting Frappucino-ish effect. Imagine a 38% alcohol Frappuccino…

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