Pop Science, Five Ways

Fun stuff; thanks EP! 🙂

Uncouth Reflections

Eddie Pensier writes:
As should be obvious to regular readers, I’m hardly a scientific type. Music, food, drink, and art are more my speed. But every once in a while my brain drifts briefly to rationality and I enjoy learning more about science. Here are five means to do so, aimed at the layperson.

disappearing spoon
The Disappearing Spoon, and Other True Tales of Madness, Love and the History of the World from the Periodic Tales of the Elements Sam Kean

Kean tells witty and informative stories of the periodic table, from its creation by notorious oddball Dmitri Mendeleev to the fact that aluminium was briefly more valuable than gold, to the treatment of bipolar patients (including poet Robert Lowell) with lithium. History lovers and sciencey types will adore it.

Periodic Videos
An even better pop-chem resource is Periodic Videos, a YouTube channel featuring brief chats and experiments…

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4 thoughts on “Pop Science, Five Ways

  1. Sometimes I wonder if creation is about redemptive history centered on planet earth. What about the rest of the vastness of the universe? Shouldn’t we also have a chance to colonize other planets solar systems and galaxies or something before the apocalypse?

    And I wonder what the renewed universe is like. I hope I may be able to fly around the explore stuff as well as enjoy god in the new jerusalem.

    • I don’t see any reason why we ought to be forbidden to colonize the heavens; nothing in Scripture forbids it, far as I can see. The main barrier is just financial; costs too much…

      It would be wonderful if we indeed could get to experience more of the universe in the next life.

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