Happy Caturday

Cats are sadistic, even to their own kind! 🙂

bluebird of bitterness

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8 thoughts on “Happy Caturday

  1. That’s not sadism. Bit of a trolley nudge. They’re pretty good scramblers. Cats like games.

    Couple years ago I had a tabby come up on me outta the brush, walking on top of a round, narrow wood fence. It got about ten feet away and commenced looking longingly whilst whining to get stroked. A few does, and a fawn, were feeding twenty feet away on low brush.

    So I started petting the tabby, talking low, and this entranced the fawn, who approached the strange scene too curious to be skeered, now very close. The fawn’s face looked flabbergasted but she steadily moved in. Like reeling a fish.

    Meanwhile, the tabby was entering Third Stage Ecstatics from the petting, and got so that it scrambled and clawed to maintain pleasurable gyrations while still remaining atop the fencepost. That commotion finally broke the wide-eyed trance of the fawn and she blinked, backed to open distance, and placidly returned to her browse.


  2. Yeah that’s what I thought. That was during a bleak personal period. I had another experience at the SAME place that gobsmacked me likewise. With a Siamese. Apparently God supports diversity. :O)

    He is very great and stoops even to small events, soothing us. So humbling. Cheers.

    • Not now, but growing up, I had a dog, from age 5 – 19. He grew up with me, but of course, that was the end of his life; got ill in his last year, in much pain, and we had to put him down. 14 years is a good run for a dog, anyway.

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