Aussie fisherman help a whale that apparently approached them for help

Interesting and heart-warming incident!

  • A whale surprised a group of fishermen north of Sydney
  • The whale appeared to be asking for help as it swam closely to their boats
  • One of the men removed fishing lines and rubbish bags out of its mouth
  • Another fisherman took selfies at the same time 
  • The whale apparently showed its appreciation by flapping its fin

See pictures at the link.

Animals are smart enough to do this sort of thing – ask humans for assistance. Even birds. A few years back, I noticed a red-wing blackbird appearing to be trying to get my attention by swooping near to me, back and forth; I then noticed, up a nearby tree, its nest, which was being harassed by a squirrel. I broke from my normal tendency not to interfere with nature, and yelled at the squirrel, which fled. The mother flew all around and chattered, apparently happy her young ones were safe, and apparently grateful for my help. Smart mother bird!


5 thoughts on “Aussie fisherman help a whale that apparently approached them for help

  1. I like this post. Son-y Side fer shure dood! Don’t get Squirrely with Will lol.

    This one gives a glimmer of the world that’s coming, really the world that is just ahead now, though that seems impossible b/c it’s so dark, and there’s some nasty stuff first. But the King is on the way and he will take his planet back.

    The critters are v aware of us and are intelligent according to their own species natures, and their individual characters. Many will communicate if our minds and hearts will hear. Same with autistic people. Some don’t talk but they’ve got plenty to say, if we’re not so arrogant to assume they can’t communicate.

    I’ll share an anecdote here dovetailing the wonderful whale report.

    About twenty years back I was walking along a fire road in a tiny town in high-desert New Mexico. There were a bunch of birds along a phone wire to my right, standard, maybe twenty or twenty-five of them, can’t exactly recall what kind. Anyway I was dimly aware of them as they hopped and yakked and fluttered around. After a few minutes of glancing I stopped because something seemed different. I watched them for a few minutes and one bird at the end of the row would fly up, and flutter down to the end of the row to take a new position. A few seconds later the next bird would do the same. Then again. And again. Ordered, not random.

    I couldn’t believe it but I think they were playing a game. They kept to a deliberate pattern for the many minutes that I watched. Maybe just having fun, but later I realized it was probably for my ‘benefit’ — not only showing they could ‘communicate’ but showing a ‘sense of humor’.

    In the years following I had so many similar experiences with animals that I realized, eventually, that much more was going on with them than I’d assumed, and that sometimes they behaved in concert with God, or perhaps with God’s servants, teaching simple lessons of love. Grading the fire-road for the Kingdom.

    I’ll spare you other stories but baby have I got some! Those birds that day in New Mexico sure got me laughing, I remember that clear. And shaking my head. Later on they got me thinking too, revising what I thought I knew about the world. Praise God for his patience with me.


    • Hey ray, I knew you would appreciate and ‘get’ this. 🙂

      I’ve watched butterflies land on my mom, and stay there for quite a while, and seen a number of other unusual animal behaviours, that I know for sure that animals are not the simply mechanistic creatures materialists think they are. I’m sure that they’ve been granted, to some limited degree given their differing capacities, some vision of the created order, knowing they are created beings, alongside others, under a Creator, but that things are ‘out of whack’, from what they ought to be.

  2. Well said.

    They’re aware, after their own fashion, that things are out of whack — e.g., they suicide often, for multiple reasons. I’ll spare you the whole dossier this time, you are welcome.

    Anyway, Scripture promises that during Christ’s reign, the trees gloat to each other than now nobody can cut them down. So if plants get that uppity, how amazing will animals be? Some of it will be new from Jeshua and some will be capacities already inherent but currently unrecognized or undeveloped.

    Plenty to look forward to.


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