Definitions of football

Football (everywhere other than Canada and the United States) – (n.) a sport in which a ball is mostly kicked, though occasionally hit with one’s head but never thrown or carried, around a field.

Football (Canada and the U.S.) – (n.) – a sport in which an object which isn’t actually a ball is not much kicked, but mostly thrown and carried, around a field.


7 thoughts on “Definitions of football

  1. Possibly also aussie rules football? about which I know little except it looks healthy in principle for rowdy youngsters. Cheers.

    • True. Aussie Rules Football, far as I know, is a variant of rugby, with no or little forward passing. I don’t know how often they kick the ball, but I suspect not much more than in regular North American football or British rugby.

      I once saw some hockey matches played by 19th century rules, which, like rugby, had no forward passing. It was interesting.


  2. I like hockey also. Combines skill and toughness. Seems like no forward passing would slow the game considerably. But perhaps make tactics more relevant?

    That makes sense, aussie rules from rugby. There’s a kind of rough purity about those sports — reminds me of my boyhood, we played ‘Pom-Pom Pull Away’ which I think was made-up by the eldest kid in our pack.

    One boy started at the end of the field with the Pom Pom and tried to run through all the other boys coming in the opposite direction. He’d get tackled and someone else would then take the Pom Pom and everybody would chase him down, etc. No pads and no whining. Very satisfying.

    p.s. also I enjoy how the officious official throws up his hands in aussie rules when somebody scores. Mechanical Man. Never fails to chuckle me.


  3. Wait uh they rang the dinner bell and then shot the horses? And sat sideways to each other? You mean during intermission?

    Those ARE different rules. Cheers.

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