Canadian Cocktail Recommendation: the Caesar


Borrowing a page from Brother Ulysses, I thought it high time we, too, collectively, contributed to our fellow men’s knowledge of great-tasting, relaxing beverages.  And I figured, as a Canadian, I’m in a unique position, to share some classic Canadian cocktails, that my non-Canadian friends might not have heard of or experienced.  So here’s Canada’s main, and probably best-known, contribution to the world of cocktails, the Caesar.

There are endless variants on this – with or without the celery stalk garnish; with or without the celery salt rim, and varying amounts of the main ingredient depending on whether you want a short drink in a tumbler, or a highball – normally, the latter is preferred.

Basically, a Caesar is a Bloody Mary made with Clamato juice rather than tomato juice; much tastier, IMO.

So: you want a glass that has lemon or lime juice squeezed from a wedge (either works; I…

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