Cheesy humour on Frasier

Cheese is the New Cool

A fellow cheese-lover pointed me to the following cheesy dialogue from an episode of the classic T.V. show Frasier. (Thanks!):

A delivery boy opens the studio door with a package.Delivery Boy: Hi.  Is one of you Roz Doyle?
     Frasier: Yes... that's all the clues we're going to give you.

The delivery boy hands Roz the package, which she signs for and he 
Frasier: A little offering from one of your suitors perhaps?  A nice 
         string of pearls?  A teardrop pendant?
    Roz: [opening package and tearfully turning to Frasier] It's a 
         brick of cheese!
Frasier: Well, on the right chain I can see that looking smart.
    Roz: It's from my family.  They're in Wisconsin at my Uncle's 
         dairy farm having a family reunion.
Frasier: Oh, why didn't you go, Roz?
    Roz: There wasn't time. But now I wish I'd gone. Frasier, we always have so much…

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