Some Greek Revivals

Uncouth Reflections

Fenster writes:

I grew up in New England, where there are plenty of Greek Revivals.  Some are more elaborate and use columns rather than just pediments.  Jamaica Plain, a neighborhood of Boston, has some very nice examples.


As does Brookline Village


and the old Cambridgeport area near Central Square in Cambridge.


But outside the cities, in what were once the rural areas, the fancy columns were often dispensed with.  A Greek Revival often amounted to a dressed-up colonial in the Federal or Georgian style,


turned at a 90 degree angle, with additional classical elements.


These were the Greek Revivals I grew up with.  I myself grew up in a ranch,


but one that was thankfully not in a development but stuck incongruously into a diverse mix of colonials, farmhouses, Federals, Victorians and Greek Revivals.  These two nice examples were at the bottom of our street.


The simpler, farmhouse versions have an attractive…

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