Brennivin’s Christmas Spirit Aquavit

Sounds intriguing!

cocktails & cologne

When I interviewed Joe Spiegel, the U.S. importer of Iceland’s Brennivin aquavit last May, he mentioned that the distillery made a limited edition Christmas aquavit each year, and that he was hoping to bring it into our market. I was thrilled. Seasonal beers are common, but too few American distilleries make seasonal spirits.

Unfortunately, Brennivin only produced enough Christmas Spirit for the Icelandic market (or maybe not quite enough): 1,000 700ml bottles. A few bottles found their way into the States though. Spiegel and I met at Skál, the Icelandic restaurant in New York’s Lower East Side, and sampled a bottle with some of the staff.

Brennivin and Christmas Spirit

Brennivin Christmas Spirit takes the traditional aquavit and ages it two ways: in used bourbon barrels and used sherry barrels (both American white oak). It’s a fifty/fifty blend of the two, each aged six months.

“Each year the Christmas release is a…

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