Kazakh Villagers Replace Guard Dogs with Domesticated Wolves


Who needs guard dogs when you have wolves, right? That’s probably what Kazakh villagers in the Almaty region thought when they decided to replace their canines with the fierce forest-dwelling beasts. According to local news reports, taming wolves is now the latest trend and a sort of hobby among rural Kazakhs.

“You can buy a wolf cub for just $500, they say, and hunters are adamant that if treated well, the wild animal can be tamed,” the KTK television channel reported. Nurseit Zhylkyshybay, a farmer from the south-eastern Almaty region, told reporters that he purchased a wolf cub from hunters three years ago, and the animal is now perfectly domesticated.


But wolf expert Almas Zhaparov said that the animals are ‘far too dangerous’ to keep at home. “A wolf is like a ticking bomb, it can go off at any moment,” he warned. “If nothing is done, the fashion could spread to the wealthy Kazakhs, who might try to keep wolves in the grounds of their houses, with possibly deadly consequences.” Social media users also expressed apprehension over the trend, accusing the government for failing to curtail the practice.

Niggas, please! How do you think we got dogs in the first place? By domesticating wolves, and breeding them selectively for desired traits.


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