The Strong, Not-So-Silent Type – On the Joys of Old School Manual Typewriters

Everything old is new again…

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Five Practical Uses for a Vintage Manual Typewriter

Battery-free, totally cordless and fun to use, manual typewriters are useful even in a touch-screen world. Plus: the best sources for a refurbished Olivetti, Remington, Underwood and other makes

By Steve Garbarino

Dec. 26, 2014 3:57 p.m. ET

MANUAL TYPEWRITERS may be anachronisms in a touch-screen world, but they are experiencing a renaissance of sorts, and not only among writers arched over their desks like commas. While the comeback has been spurred in part by a vibrant online community (whose blogs and websites are collectively known as the “typosphere”), people of all stripes are rediscovering the virtues of a manual typewriter.

Sure, the devices are bulkier and heavier than a laptop or tablet. But consider their merits: They use neither cords nor batteries (in fact, no electricity at all) and are visually striking. They’re also more compact than any computer-printer combo…

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