Linkage (Deep-Fried Edition)

Yay, fried foods! E.P. assembles some great links of interesting developments in the deep-fried world.

Uncouth Reflections

Eddie Pensier writes:

  • The cronut is so last year. Now there exists a “Ramnut”, a confection made out of ramen noodles. (And don’t tell me you didn’t have one fleeting dirty thought at the sight of the word “Ramnut”, because I won’t believe you.)
  • Have you ever had toasted ravioli? “Toasted”, in this case, is a euphemism for “deep-fried”. They’re delicious.
  • A rundown of all the awesomely unhealthy fried foods you can get at the Texas State Fair, including fried blueberry muffin, fried baked potato, and fried Sriracha.
  • Things that can go wrong when you try to deep-fry a Thanksgiving turkey. If you want a fried bird but you’d rather not risk similar catastrophes, several Pensier family friends enthusiastically recommend mail-ordering from Jive Turkey.
  • Any connoisseur of fried foods will tell you that fresh oil is a must. Now it seems that stale oil is not just…

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