Avast ye mateys: Pirate ship classroom launches in Sackville



Salem Elementary School in Sackville has a new outdoor classroom, built in the shape of a pirate ship. (Tori Weldon/CBC)

An elementary school in Sackville has turned the great outdoors into a classroom where students don’t have to use their indoor voices.

Salem Elementary School has a new outdoor classroom, built in the shape of a pirate ship.

The K-4 students enthusiastically hoisted a traditional Jolly Roger flag bearing a skull and crossbones on Thursday, during the official opening of the wooden ship.


“We’ve built a peninsula out into the wetland and we have created a pirate ship — totally the idea of the students, to sit in a learning environment in an enclosed area. And then we have a number of other facilities, a covered classroom space where basically tree stumps are used to have seating for the class”


Money well spent, according to teachers, like Lucy Evans.

“It’s wonderful. The children love it,” she said. “When you look out [the windows of the pirate ship], you see the water of the wetlands and it feels like you’re floating right in water. It’s magic.”

“They get to move, they get to breathe fresh air, they get to see nature all around them … And they work together really well outside,” said Evans.

“They make connections with what we’ve done outside to when we’re inside and we’re reading books, or we’re looking at pictures, or we’re talking about other things — they make all kinds of connections. It’s a fabulous opportunity for learning.”


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