Family Cat Saves Child From Dog Attack

BAKERSFIELD, INDIANA., — Home surveillance video captures a horrifying scene when a child playing outside of his parents driveway is viciously attacked by a loose dog.

The video shows little boy playing on his bicycle when a loose dog sneaks up and attacks the child biting onto his leg. Seconds later “Tara” the family cat, seen running after the dog and chasing it away.

The boy’s mother can be seen tending to the boy before running off camera. According to reports, the mother leaves because dog continues to linger on the other side of the SUV. The mother tries to fend off the dog while trying to get the attention of her neighbor who is also in his driveway.

According to the mother, although the child required stitches in his leg, he is doing fine.

That family sure has a lot of surveillance cameras, eh what?

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